Cotswolds Cream Liqueur 700ml | Single Malt Whisky with Fresh Irish Cream | Cotswolds

Cotswolds Cream Liqueur 17% alc, Wonderfully Rich Liqueur, Made by Mixing a New-Make Single Malt Spirit with Fresh Irish Cream, Best Enjoyed Chilled, Over Ice or in Irish Coffee - Cotswolds

Κωδικός: 09100000004255

Our Cotswolds Cream Liqueur is made by mixing our new-make single malt spirit with fresh Irish cream creating a wonderfully rich liqueur. Best consumed chilled, over ice or in coffee.

The finest ingredients

Our own new-make spirit (unaged whisky) distilled in our pot stills, blended with fresh cream.

Tasting notes

Suprisingly light and silky, the cream carries delicious vanilla and butterscotch notes, and a lovely hint of maltiness.

Lovingly crafted

We always dreamt of combining our single malt spirit with cream, but didn't have the necessary equipment here at the distillery to do this to scale. So we searched far and wide until we found our wonderful partners in Tipperary (Ireland), home to some of the world's best cream liqueurs. These experts combine our Cotswolds single malt spirit with fresh Irish cream - helping us to offer a sensational product, with our single malt at its heart.

Serving suggestions

Chilled in the freezer just before serving, this is perfect as it comes. But we’ve been known to pour it over ice cream too…

ΠροέλευσηΗνωμένο Βασίλειο
ΣυσκευασίαΦιάλη 700ml
Εύρος Αλκοολικού ΤίτλουΜέχρι 20%
ΚατηγορίεςΑλκοολούχα ποτά - Ηδύποτα