Amaro di Angostura 700ml | Caribbean Liqueur | Angostura

Amaro di Angostura 35%alc., Exotic Liqueur with Aromatic Spiced Bouquet, Notes of Cinnamon, Caramel, Liquorice, Citrus and Chocolate, Caribbean Liqueur - Angostura

Κωδικός: G09100000007360

Amaro di Angostura

Amaro di Angostura is based on the secret Angostura Aromatic Bitters recipe.

It has deep amber colour, offering aromas of cinnamon and dar. The finish is perfectly balanced, exotic, lush and reminiscent of the essence of Trinidad and Tobago’s pulsating rhythms, tropical climate and beauty.

This beautiful liqueur can be enjoyed over ice, is splendid on its own and offers delicious harmony in a cocktail.


COLOUR : Deep polished amber with bronze highlights.

NOSE : First aromas are an aromatic spiced bouquet with caramel. As we get closer to the spirits, there are distinct notes of cinnamon, liquorice and citrus followed by strong chocolate with hints of toasted sugar.

PALATE : Enters the palate with cinnamon and toasted caramel flavours. As the liquid fills the mouth with pleasant bitter and liquorice notes, the finish fades into lasting flavours of chocolate and sweet herbs.


This cocktail is inspired by the Champagne cocktail. Rich with aromatic spices, a hint of sweetness and a rousing burst of bubbles, this drink calls for a celebration. Cheers!


1.5oz Amaro di ANGOSTURA®

Top off with Prosecco

Garnish: Lemon Twist

Glass: Champagne Flute


Pour chilled Amaro Di ANGOSTURA® into a chilled champagne flute. Top off with chilled Prosecco.

ΠροέλευσηΤρίνιταντ Καραιβική
ΣυσκευασίαΦιάλη 700ml
Εύρος Αλκοολικού ΤίτλουΆνω του 30%