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Portobello Road Temperance Gin 4.2%alc., Low Alcohol, Intensely Aromatic, Bold Notes of Juniper, Cinnamon and Citrus, Hints of Grass and Wildflowers, Flavours of Bold Winter Spice and Pepper, English Gin - Portobello Road

Κωδικός: G09100000007068
Barcode: 5060292550213

Portobello Road Temperance (4.2%, 700ml)

Το απόλυτο ποτό για όσους προσέχουν την διατροφή τους και τις θερμίδες τους!!!

Για όλους αυτούς που θέλουν την γεύση του gin στο ποτό τους, αλλά χωρίς τις πολλές θερμίδες, η Portobello Road Gin δημιούργησε το Temperance με μόλις 24 θερμίδες ανά 100ml!

Το Temperance έχει 4,2% αλκοόλ, όσο δηλαδή μια μπύρα, και περιέχει όλα τα βότανα που περιέχει και το Portobello Road Gin αλλά και μερικά ακόμα μυστικά συστατικά.

Κατάλληλο και για vegan, είναι σίγουρο πως την υπέροχη γεύση του θα την λατρέψουν όλοι είτε με dry tonic, είτε με VCH Barcelona Mint.

Αλκοολικός Βαθμός: 4.2%

Συσκευασία: 700 ml

Χώρα Προέλευσης: Αγγλία

Portobello Road Temperance Gin 700ml

Tasting Notes

Nose: Intensely aromatic with bold notes of juniper, cinnamon and citrus, reminiscent of gin but not entirely representative of it, a suggestion of citrus, and the mildest hint of grass and wildflowers.

Palate: Instantly weighty, with viscosity and a pleasant acidic sharpness, in the mouth the citrus, floral, and particularly the winter spice notes are more pronounced than the nose would suggest, they eventually give way to juniper and pepper.

Finish: The flavour lives long on the palate and lingers seductively in the nose, even twenty, thirty seconds after a sip is taken the flavours and characteristics bounce around the palate, as the flavour eventually subside, mouth-watering, salivating sensations persevere.

The Martinot

60 ml Temperance Spirit

5 ml Dolin Dry Vermouth

3 drops of Orange bitters

Shake and strain into a coupe glass


As a proud purveyor of London’s spirit, we’re thrilled to announce the introduction of a new lower alcohol spirit to our portfolio, ‘Temperance.’

Bottled at 4.2% ABV, Temperance has been crafted especially for gin-fans who are looking to moderate their intake of alcohol yet don’t want to compromise on flavour.

A serve made with 50ml of Temperance mixed with 200ml tonic water holds just 0.8% ABV, while a classic ‘equal parts Negroni’ made with Temperance instead of Portobello Road London Dry will be almost 50% lower in alcohol and contain just 1.1 units.

Temperance, which means moderation, was created by Portobello Road Gin’s award-winning co-founder, Jake F. Burger and has been distilled using the same nine time-honoured botanicals that comprise Portobello Road Gin’s signature London Dry and Navy Strength. Jake developed bespoke techniques and added additional ingredients, such as naturally high mineral content water, botanical hydrosols and one or two secret ingredients to ensure the spirit harbours the intensity of flavour, texture and depth demanded by the modern drinker.

The resulting flavour profile is instantly weighty, with viscosity and a pleasant acidic sharpness. In the mouth, the citrus, floral, and particularly the winter spice notes are more pronounced than the nose would suggest, then eventually give way to juniper and pepper.

Temperance can be used as an alternative to gin or vodka in a variety of mixed drinks and it is recommended with a premium tonic water and twist of pink grapefruit. The depth and bold flavours of Temperance also make it a great spirit for creating lower-abv cocktails, including Negronis and Tom Collins’.

Country: England

Distillery / Brand: Portobello Star

Bottler: Portobello Star

Alcohol: 4.2%

ΠαραγωγόςPortobello Road
ΚατηγορίαEnglish Gin
ΣυσκευασίαΓυάλινη Φιάλη 700ml


Volume: 700ml