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Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum 35%alc., Perfectly Balanced Spirit with a Smooth Finish, Notes of Rich Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Dried Fruit, Warming Spices with Hints of Oak, Jamaican Rum - Captain Morgan

Κωδικός: G09100000006757
Barcode: 5000299223017


The Captain has long been sailing the seas with one flag hoisted up for the world to see. The real figurehead of his fleet – his Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold.

Avast ye! Take a sip and lift it to your nose, just the way the Captain did when he first created his sumptuous spiced spirit drink. You’ll taste notes of rich vanilla, brown sugar, warming spices with just the hint of oak. They all combine for balance, a smooth finish and the perfect drink for buccaneers and landlubbers alike.


Notes of rich vanilla, brown sugar, dried fruit, warming spices with hints of oak, come together to create a perfectly balanced spirit with a smooth finish.


A secret recipe of adventurous spice & flavours that are expertly blended to create a taste and colour as rich as a pocketful of gold doubloons.


A classic combination of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, Cola and a dash of lime.


Not just your typical rum and cola recipe, the Captain’s favourite bounty is packed with the perfect combination of the fragrant natural aromas found in Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold with the lip-smacking vanilla taste of ice-cold cola.

Known more commonly as the Cuba Libre, the origins of this drink were first discovered on the golden shores of the Caribbean in the early 1900s. A favourite in its native Cuba, the humble rum and cola is now drunk far and wide, too, thanks to its simple ingredients and easy recipe that any buccaneer or salty sea dog can follow.

An easy way to make a wickedly good Captain & Cola is to remember; it’s always 2.5 parts Cola to 1-part Captain. Give the lime a squeeze first before dropping it into your bounty for a zestier finish.

1.8 Units


For one serving

50 ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold

125 ml Cola

1 Wedge of lime

1 Glassful of ice


Fill a tankard or tall glass with plenty of ice.

Pour the Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and cola into the glass.

Mix and garnish with your wedge of lime.

Yo Ho Ho and all that!


This sharp and aromatic Original Spiced Gold drink may sound like it was invented a long way from the Captain’s usual stomping ground, but it actually has humble beginnings in a bar in Manhattan. While the original Cranberry Mule recipe uses vodka, we’ve branded it our own with a dash of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold.

Tuck into this delicious drink and enjoy hints of hot ginger, cranberry juice and lime. It’s a combination worth seeking out.

The original Mule recipe comes without cranberry juice; however, we’ve added a dash to give it a fruity tang. Serve yours in a copper plated tankard for a more authentic drink.

1.6 units


For one serving

45 ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold

14 ml Fresh lime juice

55 ml Cranberry juice

100 ml Ginger ale

1 Glassful Ice

1 Handful of cranberries

1 Rosemary sprig


Place your lime wedges and sugar into a glass and muddle.

Add Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and stir well.

Top up the glass with a generous helping of crushed ice.

Garnish with the extra lime and take your first mouth-watering sip.

ΠαραγωγόςCaptain Morgan
ΠαλαιότηταNo Age Statement
Αλκοολικός Τίτλος35% - 40%
ΣυσκευασίαΓυάλινη Φιάλη 700ml