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Corralejo Triple Destilado Tequila 38%alc., 100% Agave, Reposado Tequila Triple Distillation, Soft and Sweet Aromas, Fruity Notes – Corralejo

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Corralejo Triple Destilado Tequila

100% agave reposado tequila, a unique product of the Corralejo family obtained from the triple distillation of fermented blue agave musts from weber's blue agave, making it a product of great purity and excellent quality.

Colour: Straw yellow with golden hues.

Aromas: It evokes soft and sweet aromas, with balanced notes of cooked agave and fruity tones.

Finish in the mouth: Smooth and fresh with fruity notes.

Alcohol content: 38% alc. Vol.

Cool Summer

- 50 ml Corralejo Triple Distilled Tequila

- 15 ml limoncello liqueur

- 20 ml roasted pineapple syrup

- 20 ml lemon juice

- 6 ice cubes

- Garnish: slice of pineapple and mint leaves.


Pour all the ingredients into a shaker with 6 ice cubes and shake vigorously for 10 seconds.

Serve the mixture in a cold old-fashioned glass and garnish with cucumber and mint.

AgeNo Age Statement.
Alcoholic Strength35% - 40%
PackagingGlass Bottle 700ml