Red Vinegar 4lt - Vattis Vinegar (Star)

Code: G09100000000335
Barcode: 5202822000014
VATTIS vinegar is a completely natural product and it’s raw materials come from all over Greece. Our grandfather taught us the methodology used for grape wine vinegar.
Essentially it is a double fermentation of the sugars of gapes.
The first one turns the sugars in the grape to alcohol, turning the grape juice to wine. As we are not interested in the quality of the wine, it is roughly filtered and sent for the second fermentation. At this stage the fungus (yeast) feeds on the alcohol producing acetic acid, turning wine into vinegar.
The end product is completely natural and holds most of the antioxidants of grapes. Vinegar also benefits health quite a bit. Most notably, it helps protect from stomach and bowel disorders and protects the heart.
It can also be used as a natural cleaning agent, the best louse protection, aphid repellant for plants, and even shine metallic parts.

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PackagingPlastic Bottle 4lt
CatergoriesVinegar - Condiments