Our Company

We are a family business operating since 1990, when Michael Patsakis decided to invest in a traditional Cretan product, raki, in the area where he was born, the village of Prinias in Crete. We are among the first to legally bottle raki, called “HARAKI”, distinguished for its quality in the domestic and international market.

Our company uses raw materials from the region and offers employment to the local community. After more than twenty years of operation, our distillery has become an integral part of the village everyday life.

Our philosophy
In today’s highly competitive economic reality, a small business wanting to survive, will either seek to grow by investing in cost reduction and mass production, or it will seek to diversify, producing quality products and services with a distinct identity, and cooperating with the natural and social environment .
The development model mentioned first has long-term damaging consequences for nature and society, and as demonstrated by the recent economic crisis, for the economy as well.
The second model produces benefits for everyone and, through corporate and real social networks, can transform the competitive environment into a ‘synergistic’ one, which should be the aim from now on.