Koval Granberry Gin Liqueur 500ml | Koval

Koval Granberry Gin Liqueur 30% alc, Organic, Small Batch, An Enticing Blend of Fruit-forward and Bittersweet Flavors, Surrounded by the Crisp Notes of KOVAL Gin’s 13 Botanicals - Koval

Code: G09100000004357

Made with ingredients sourced directly from local, organic Midwestern farmers, the Cranberry Gin Liqueur offers an enticing blend of fruit-forward and bittersweet flavors, surrounded by the crisp, well-rounded notes of KOVAL Gin’s signature 13 botanicals.

This new direction in KOVAL’s line is an homage to aperitif culture, and is an excellent base for easy, enticing cocktails and spritzes for all seasons -- simply mix with a splash of Prosecco or any sparkling water, or even incorporate into a classic warm punch for the holidays.

With its dazzling all-natural ruby color and refreshing tart sweetness, KOVAL’s Cranberry Gin Liqueur makes for an approachable yet distinctive way to play with new flavors and enhance classic recipes.

Small Batch. Organic.

TypeFlavoured Gin Liqueurs
PackagingGlass Botlle 500 ml