Armagnac Castarede Napoleon 700ml | Castarede

Armagnac Castarede Napoleon 40% alc, a Blend of Armagnacs around 15 Υears Οld, Nose with Ripe Prune Aromas and Dry Fruits, Soft Taste with Notes of Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Dried Fruits and Hints of Dried Flowers - Castarede

Code: G09100000004349

Armagnac Castarede Napoleon made ​​from alcohols of 15 years of aging that are based on the classic grape varieties - Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc and Colombard. Armagnac has an elegant and mature flavor that best revealed when applying Armagnac in its pure form as a digestif.

Color: Armagnac dark amber.

Taste: Intense fruity taste of Armagnac prunes demonstrates tone and spices.

Aroma: Complex aroma of Armagnac make subtle notes of vanilla and dried fruit, spices and oak shades.

Armagnac is recommended as a digestif, combined with a nice cigar. It is served with dishes of rabbit and duck, chocolate desserts.

AgeNo Age Statement
Alcoholic Strength40% - 45%
PackagingGlass Bottle 700ml