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Tentura Liqueur 25% alc, an Unrivalled Classic Liquer from 100% Natural Extracts of Spices and Fruits, Predominantly Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg and Citrus Fruits. Enjoy Neat or as a Cocktail Ingredient - Tentura Castro - G.P.Hahalis

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Tentoura Castro, the exotic beauty that will enchant you!


“TENTOURA CASTRO” is the pre-eminent liqueur of Patras. Its name is derived from the Latin word “tinctura”, which means tincture or extract. According to tradition, its origin dates to the Venetian period of occupation in the 15th century. TENTOURA was also called “moshovolithra” (fragrant) by Patras residents in the past because of its intense aroma and it was usually drunk after a hearty meal as a digestive liqueur (digestif).

The Present

TENTOURA CASTRO is the only Tentoura liqueur that contains 100% natural extracts of fruits and spices, predominantly cinnamon and cloves, as well as nutmeg, citrus fruits, Chios mastic, etc. The excellent quality and uniqueness of TENTOURA CASTRO, as well as the other spirits and liqueurs that we produce, is attributed to the use of 100% natural extracts.

Moreover, the laboratory (in vitro) studies that have been undertaken under the research Project entitled “Use of organic active essential oils in the production of alcoholic drinks and confectionery products with potential health benefits” by the Democritus University of Thrace in cooperation with our distillery have demonstrated that the cinnamon and Chios mastic natural extracts and essential oils they contain have shown to have antioxidant and anticancer activity.

TENTOURA CASTRO is nowadays the most characteristic product of Patras. It is an unrivalled classic that is drunk everywhere: at restaurants after dinner, at bars and cafés, straight, on the rocks or in cocktails with Brandy, Tsipouro, Mastic liqueur or juices extracted from red fruits. You can enjoy a straight shot, mix it with fresh cream and grated cinnamon or use it to add a unique, aromatic and spicy taste to your hot beverages.

The TENTOURA CASTRO label, box and artistic design in general bear the signature of the artist Efthalia Katsigianni.

TENTOURA CASTRO as the main product of our distillery has inspired excellent products such as TENTOURA CASTRO with SOUR CHERRY and TENTOURA CASTRO SEMI-SWEET.

We innovated in 2007 when we presented the first black Loukoumi, Tentoura Loukoumi, as well as the Xeroloukoumo and Tentoura syrup to the public.

In 2013 TENTOURA CASTRO was proclaimed as the official authentic product for the 2013 Patras Carnival.

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PackagingGlass Bottle 500ml
Alcoholic Strength20% - 30%