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Hennessy Paradis 40% alc, Perfect Cognac from Hundreds of Different Eaux-de-vie, Smooth, Full-bodied and Long-lasting Taste with Spices and Peppery Notes along with Fragrant Scent of Flowers - Hennessy

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“Paradis is defined by its finesse, its delicacy. Paradis takes us into the realms of emotion."

Yann Fillioux


Hennessy Paradis was created in 1979 by Maurice Fillioux. Drawing from the legacy of his grandfather eaux de vie, Maurice Fillioux gave life to this perfectly harmonious cognac. It takes its name from the Paradis cellar, a legendary place at the Hennessy Maison. “Paradis” refers to the cellar used exclusively for the ageing of Hennessy’s most exceptional eaux-de-vie.

The Paradis cellar is the guardian of the Maison’s soul. For at least 25 years, the eaux-de-vie – stored in oak casks whose tannins have been released over the years – matured slowly until they reach an incomparable level of purity.

Hennessy Paradis is the incarnation of this spirit and of this place.


Hennessy Paradis is an invitation to a warm, timeless moment. The feelings it inspires arouse the senses of everyone who tastes it.

This hedonistic promise, hidden away deep in the Paradis chai, is buoyantly expressed in the delicate flavor of Hennessy Paradis: a pure moment of indulgence.

The blend is characterized by its silky richness, restrained finesse, subtle nuances, vibrant intensity and elegantly aromatic opulence. The combination of these qualities makes the Hennessy Paradis blend both unique and universal. It pleases the novice while enchanting the connoisseur.


Hennessy Paradis is composed of a hundred eaux-de-vie, from the very best years represent the finest of each terroir.

Selected immediately after distillation, they are pure yet rich, with a pronounced floral nature. Chosen primarily for their incomparable finesse and wonderful intensity, they already display the notes and texture of ripe, juicy fruit. Their coppery-gold color comes from the old barrels in which they age in the darkness of the Paradis chai.

When it comes time to blend Hennessy Paradis, aromatic paradoxes come into play, offering the palate a variety of nuances, which reveal themselves gradually before uniting in perfect harmony.


The new Hennessy Paradis decanter and its tulip glass were designed by Ferruccio Laviani, renewing the entire design universe of this cognac.

Laviani’s designs are notable for their emotional content and pertinence. The streamlined Hennessy Paradis decanter he has designed began with an inspired gesture. He added a discreet pedestal to elongate its silhouette, curves and fins to refine its rounded shape, and a play of light and transparency to enhance the blend’s warm amber color.

“I wanted to elongate the Paradis decanter – while preserving the purity of its original design – by highlighting its sinuous curves to make it rounder, more generous, more precious.” Ferruccio Laviani

AgeNo Age Statement
Alcoholic Strength40% - 45%
PackagingGlass Bottle 700ml