Dried Forest Mix Mushrooms 80g - Manitaria Dirfis

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Barcode: 5200120280497
Sun dried “Forest Mix” are a flavorful unique blend of 8 different mushrooms:  Porcini, Black Trumpets, Chanterelles, fairy ring mushrooms, all  hand-picked wild mushrooms from the Greek woodlands, combined with our cultivated grey & golden Oyster, Shiitake and white button mushrooms.

They grow under fir, oak or beech trees where the ideal microclimate of wet weather and sunshine collaborate to produce firm and clean mushrooms. We select the best quality mushrooms and immediately after harvesting, we sort, clean and dry them, utilizing the most ecofriendly technology: our sun!

Our solar drying technology significantly improves the quality of dried mushrooms in terms of colour, texture, and taste, boosting the intensity of the flavours.  The main advantage of solar drying is the natural enrichment of mushrooms with vitamin D, as ergosterol is converted to ergocalciferol under exposure to the natural UV light of the sun.
Transform a dish into an earthy delicacy.  This delicious mushroom blend can stand alone, sautéed or for a robust meaty combination, pair with beef or add to rich winter stews and soups. The liquid you hydrate them in, can be used after filtering, to add even more flavour to a dish.
Open this pack of mushrooms and deeply inhale the enticing aromas of the forest and wet nature.
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TypeDried Mushroom Mix
PackagingPlastic Container 80g