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Mouhtaro 40%alc., Aromatic, with Hints of Strawberry and Figs, Soft Buttery Taste and Very Long Aftertaste - Lost Lake Distillery

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Barcode: 5200040181041

Mouhtaro - Exclusively vintage spirit.

Aromatic, it reminds strawberry and figs with soft buttery taste and very long aftertaste.

From 100% Mouhtaro grapes

Distilled in discontinuous Copper Column Stills in Greece

​Refined at least one year in stainless steel vessels

​​Alcohol Content: 40% vol.

​Best Served: at temperature of 12-15 °C

Small Batch Collection


The process begins with careful selection in the vineyard, followed by proper management of the raw material and care in the process of distillation, and ends with the innovation and safety in the bottling process. These requirements conform with the philosophy and aim of the distillery to produce high quality distillates with a fine and distinctive character, pure aromas, mild sensation of alcohol and balanced flavor.

The grape distillate is produced by the fermentation and distillation of whole grapes.

The grapes which are destined for the particular spirit are not pressed, so that the juice of the grapes is preserved and can thus express the character of the variety.

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PackagingGlass bottle 200ml
Alcoholic Strength40% - 45%
CatergoriesBeverages - Liqueurs

Bronze at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2018 in London
Bronze Award στον Διαγωνισμό Αποσταγμάτων Θεσσαλονίκης 2020