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Jameson Triple Triple 40%alc., Luscious, Notes of Fruit and Oak with Hints of Spices, Bourbon, Sherry and Malaga Casks for a Subtle Sweetness and Extra Drop of Smoothness, Triple Distilled, Triple Cask Matured, Blended Irish Whiskey - Jameson

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Barcode: 5011007022778

Jameson Triple Triple

Good Things Come in Threes.

It’s a belief that’s served us well in distillation, so we gave it a try with maturation.

Jameson has always brought new friends to the table, so this time our Bourbon and Sherry casks were introduced to hand-selected Málaga casks.

Extending this invitation has resulted in a new triple cask Jameson taste experience bringing notes of orchard fruits and fresh citrus to the fore.

Triple Distilled, now Triple Cask matured, for a subtle sweetness and extra drop of smoothness.

Nose : Initial fruit notes of sweet pear that develop into zesty citrus peel with some dark fruits in the background. Hints of cinnamon and clove delicately work in balance with the sweet Malaga wine cask influence.

Taste : Luscious, with sweet orchard fruits and light hints of blackcurrants, plums and raisins. The spices slowly build adding depth with hints of clove and black pepper, layered over the oak tannins adding dark chocolate and liquorice

Finish : Lingering, with the spices slowly fading to reveal the fruits and oak

Alcocholic Strength40% - 45%
TypeIrish Whisky,Blended
AgeNo Age Statement
PackagingGlass Bottle 1L