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Organic Tea Anastasia, Orange Blossom Flavored Earl Grey with Bergamot and a Pinch of Lemon, Aromatic and Fruity Tea - Kusmi Tea

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Anastasia Organic Tea

Blend of Orange Βlossom Flavored Black Tea with Bergamot and Lemon

Brewing time 3-4 min

Brewing temperature 90°C

Orange blossom-flavored black tea with bergamot and lemon

An organic Earl Grey with a pinch of lemon and orange blossom, as daring and enigmatic as the Princess Anastasia herself.

Once upon a time there was a black tea called organic Anastasia that had inherited the bold character of the princess it embodied: Anastasia, the fascinating daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, who mysteriously disappeared in 1918.

This lively young woman had a thirst for freedom and was incredibly ahead of her time. Quite the rebel, she was quick to flaunt her audacious, mischievous behavior about the palace! She was as spirited as bergamot, as charming as orange blossom, and as bubbly as lemon. Anastasia would have loved this organic black tea revamped in an iconic Earl Grey and worthy of a duchess of our modern times!

If you have stopped believing in fairy tales, then reawaken the princess within you by enjoying a delicious organic Anastasia tea!

Organic tea also available in loose leaf (because it’s good for the planet) or in teabags for when you’re on the go.

Ingredients : Black tea*, bergamot, lemon and lime essential oils, flavoring *Organically grown ingredient

The info you need

On July 17, 1918, all the members of the imperial house of Russia were assassinated. The Grand Duchess Anastasia was among them. Many are still skeptical about this sordid event, even a century later. Anastasia could have escaped the massacre, and testimonies and theories abound. Some say that the jewels sewn into her dress may have protected her from the bullets. Can you uncover the truth?

TypeBlack tea
PackagingMuslin bags
CatergoriesHerbal Teas & Coffee