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Rooibos Infusion (40gr)

Organic Rooibos Infusion. Redbush is a red tea and an excellent alternative to black tea.

This exceptional south african infusion is highly refreshing and tasty with a gorgeous subtle caramel character. An excellent alternative to black tea that’s naturally caffeine-free and is delicious served with or without milk.

Clipper guarantees organic products, fair trade, of high quality and strictly selected sources without adding preservatives, colorants or any chemical processing. Contains 20 String and Tagged Enveloped Tea Bags, with unbleached sachets.

Ingredients: Organically grown Rooibos.


UseAntioxidant,Slimming & Cellulite,Stomach & Intestine pain reliever
PackagingCarton Box 40g
CatergoriesHerbal Teas & Coffee