Domaine Nikolaou

Domaine Nikolaou

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Through centuries, the wine stands not only as a product of the greek nature but also as a part of the history and heritage marking every activity of the greek civilisation. The variety «Agiorgitiko» with the rich aromas and deep red color, has being cultivated in the region of Nemea for more than 3000 years spreading the fame of the greek quality wine all over the world.

Domaine Nikolaou was founded in 1984 following the family tradition in wine production since 1936. The 11ha vineyard is planted mainly with the famous Greek variety Agiorgitiko , cultivated since 1999 with organic standards.

Τhe vineyard of Domaine Nikolaou, situated in the largest zone producing PDO wines in Greece, is surrounded by valleys, plateaus and the mythic Asopos River. The mountainous formations enhanced by the river moisture and the calcareous soil are producing high quality grapes of Agiorgitko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Moschofilero and Malagouzia