Greek Thyme Honey from Crete 800g | Natural Unblended Cretan Honey | Apicreta

Unpasteurised, Unblended, Unprocessed, Single-origin, Fully Certified, Premium Thyme Honey from the Famous Cretan Thyme. Pure, Natural and Nutritious Honey with Rich Taste - Apicreta

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PURE AND NATURAL Unpasteurised, unblended, unprocessed, single-origin, premium thyme honey - as pure as it gets. From the famous Cretan thyme that grows wild in the untamed mountains of the island of Crete.

RICH TASTE: The unique Cretan ecosystem, the special terroir, microclimate, and biodiversity contribute to our honey’s exceptional flavour and aroma. Apicreta Thyme Honey is a very strong, intensely aromatic honey with fresh herbal notes. It is a light amber in color, with a mellow and caramel sweet flavor and a lingering aftertaste.

FULL OF NATURAL NUTRIENTS Thyme Honey is packed with nutrients like minerals and antioxidants, that neutralise the harmful free radicals in our body, and help prevent ageing and disease. A natural superfood with antibacterial, antioxidant and antiseptic activity. Perfect for healthy fans and fitness enthusiasts.

FULLY CERTIFIED CRETAN HONEY Certified in quality and safety. Free of antibiotics, additives, preservatives, GMOs.

Our delicious Apicreta Thyme Honey inspires for a variety of uses:
  • Add it in herbal teas, juices and smoothies.
  • Spread it on buttered bread.
  • Drizzle it over puffs, cakes, crepes.
  • Use it to make energy bars with dried fruit and nuts.
  • Use it instead of sugar in cookies, cakes, and syrups.
  • Add it to fruit salads, yoghurt and ice-cream.
  • Create honey-based dressings for green salads and grilled vegetables.
  • Pair it with Feta and goat cheese.
  • Make a glaze for roast pork or chicken.
  • Use it in fancy cocktails and fizz drinks.

Honey Crystallisation

Crystallisation is a natural process of pure honey. Some honeys crystallize uniformly, while others crystallize partially in the jar. To turn a jar of crystallized unheated honey to liquid state, simply place it over a warm water bath of 40ºC for about 15 minutes.

Ingredients : Thyme Honey

Keep in a cool and dry place.

PackagingJar 800g

Yoghurt, ice-cream, buttered bread, crepes, herbal teas.