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Despite its name, wild rice it is not actually rice. Rather, it is the seed of a wild aquatic grass indigenous to North America. With Intense color, special texture and excellent taste, wild rice is ideal for soups and salads, accompanied by poultry and seafood, as also as a garnish in gourmet dishes. It is a source of protein. Boiling time: 35-40 minutes. Additionally, you can serve wild rice just by itself as a side dish.

Ingredients: Wild rice of organic farming

Average Nutritional Value/100g: Energy 1495kJ/357kcal, fat 1.1g - of which saturates 0.2g, carbohydrates 74.9g - of which sugars 2.5g, protein 14.7g, salt 0.017g.

Organic, No Added Salt, Low Fat, High Protein, Vegan, Vegetarian, Macrobiotics

Ideal for:Stuffed vegetables,Soup,Pilaf
PackagingBag 200g