Tesseron Extra Legende Cognac 700ml | Tesseron

Tesseron Extra Legende 40% alc, Marvelous Cognac with Subtle Elegance, Blend from a Selection of Around Fifty Eaux-de-vie from a Marriage of the Finest Reserves of Grande Champagne, Rich and Matured with Notes of Cooked Fruits and Velvety Finish - Tessero

Code: G09100000004326

Founded by Abel Tesseron in 1905, Tesseron Cognac has earned a reputation for excellence. Authentic collectors of century-old spirits with rare finesse, the Tesseron family unites perfection gained from traditional experience with a spirit of innovation to create legendary cognacs. EXTRA LÉGENDE is created from a marriage of the finest reserves of Grande Champagne. Enter the legend of excellence and offer yourself the exquisite pleasure of tasting this marvelous cognac's subtle elegance.

APPELLATION : Grande Champagne, 1st Growth of Cognac

GRAPE VARIETIES : Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche

BLEND : A selection of around fifty eaux-de-vie


AGE : More than generation in cellars with different humidity levels

CHARACTER : Rich attack with beautiful maturity and notes of cooked fruits with velvet like finish

WHEN : After diner


TypeSpecial Cuvee
AgeNo Age Statement
Alcoholic Strength40% - 45%
PackagingGlass Bottle 700ml