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Delicious Dried Sultanas Seedless Raisins from Crete. Protected Geographical Indication, New Harvest, Handpicked, No Added Sugar, No Added Salt, Preservatives Free, Sulfites Free. A Healthy Snack, Suitable for Athletes, Vegans and Vegetarians.

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These naturally sweet and deliciously juicy dried sultanas are ideal for a healthy and balanced diet. Perfect to fight off cravings in a healthy way. Feel full, boost your energy and ease your mid-afternoon hunger.

HEALTHY SNACK ON THE GO Perfect for kids’ lunchbox or quick snack at the office. Convenient re-sealable pouch ensures quality, freshness and great taste. Easy to carry, eat straight from the pack, and take it anywhere: office, school, gym, picnic, cinema.

FROM THE SUNNY ISLAND OF CRETE Late August and early September we hand pick the healthiest grapes of the seedless Sultana variety from the family vineyards in the region of Heraklion, Crete. We carefully select grapes free of damage, from vines that have not been sprayed with pesticides, and then dry them in low temperatures to retain all their natural flavour and nutrients.

100% NATURAL PRODUCT Our sultana raisins are totally natural, free of preservatives, free of sulfites. Protected Geographical Indication, our dried Cretan Sultanas are golden in color, larger, sweeter, and juicier than other raisins.

TRADITIONAL RECIPE After the drying process, we remove grape stems. Then we package and preserve our dried sultanas according to the traditional Cretan recipe: using only bay leaves and cinnamon. For you to enjoy a natural and healthy snack food all year round.

PERFECT FOR A HEALTHY DIET Loaded with fiber, protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and iron our dried sultanas are a natural superfood. Excellent for a plant-based diet, for vegans and vegetarians. A great alternative to sugar candies and sweets.

Serving Ideas

Our deliciously sweet and juicy sultanas inspire for a wide array of uses:

 Enjoy as a snack
 Add to your oatmeal or smoothie bowl
 Top yoghurt or ice-cream
 Add to cakes, granola bars, cookies and scones
 Sprinkle on salads
 Flavour brioche bread
 Add in rice puddings, couscous and pilafs
 Use in shepherd’s pie
 Add in fruit bowls
 Garnish cheese platters

Perfect as a snack, as a topping for yoghurt or as an ingredient in green salads, sauces, pilafs, sweets.

Ingredients: Dried Sultana Grapes, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon.

Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light.

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Perfect as a snack, as a topping for yoghurt or as an ingredient in green salads, sauces, pilafs, sweets.

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