Skinos Mastiha 700ml I Greek Liqueur | Skinos Mastiha Spirit

Skinos Mastiha 30% alc, White Greek Spirit Made from the Resin of the Mastiha Trees Grown Only on the Greek Island of Chios. A Fragrant Liqueur with a Floral Pine Aroma. Sweet and Refreshing, It Is Perfect Served Chilled After Dinner - Skinos Mastiha Spi

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Pure white surfaces blend into the Aegean big blue, summer breeze swirls through the cobblestoned fish vilagges, bright sunlight joyfully plays with the bamboo rooftops. A thousand snapshots to celebrate Greek Summer.

Taste : Lightly sweet with a touch of mint and pine, Skinos Mastiha Spirit contains the freshness of mastiha and a light herbal flavor

Appearance : The high quality of mastiha resins picked for the production of Skinos Mastiha, creates a spirit with a crystal clear color and a full body.

Aroma : Earthy and leafy notes, hints of sweetness, a light kick. Skinos Mastiha is a balanced fragrant spirit unlike to any other.

Skinos Mastiha Spirit comes in a very distinct white glass bottle. Let it weight in your hand, run your fingers through the white lines, take a look through the round window and enjoy the light playing with the reflections through our spirit.

Alcohol : 30% abv

Contains : Mastiha Chios Extract

Skinos Lemonada

As unique and special as the Greek summer, Skinos Lemonada invites you to do things differently and shape your reality.


50ml Skinos Mastiha Spirit



Build ingredients into

ice-filled highball glass

and stir well.

Skinos Mediterranean Negroni

If joy is all about living the moment with all your senses and sweet and juicy strawberries, a Skinos Mediterranean Negroni is the way to go.


2 Strawberries

30 ml Skinos Mastiha Spirit

20 ml Sweet Red Vermouth

20 ml Bitter


Muddle the strawberries lightly in the bottom of your shaker. Add the rest of the ingredients, shake with ice and fine strain in glass filled with ice.

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PackagingGlass Bottle 700ml
Alcoholic StrengthMore than 30%