Orange Lemon Acerola Antioxidant Spread 290g | Organic Spread No Added Sugar Vegan Vegetarian | Vitabio

Code: G09100000003834
Barcode: 3288131114514

Organic Spread Antioxidant with Superfuits.

Combination of ORANGE, LEMON & ACEROLA. 100% derived from fruits and rich in Vitamin C

  • avantage Vitabio 100% derived from fruits
  • avantage Vitabio Antioxidantt**
  • avantage Vitabio rich in Vitamin C

**Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

Ingredients: Fruits* 56% (oramge puree*39%, lemon juice*10%, acerola puree*7%), syrop issued from fruits*, lemon concentrate* 0.5%, gelling agent: fruit pectin *ingredient from organic farming.

Organic, No Added Sugar, Vegan, Vegetarian

OriginImported Product
PackagingJar 280g
Dietary needSugar free
CatergoriesPreserves Jams - Marmelades