Organic Mirabelle Spread 290g | No Added Sugar Vegan Vegetarian | Vitabio

Code: G09100000003831
Barcode: 3288131114415

Organic Mirabelle spread. No added sugar. Vitabio's jams based on a new recipe, consisting of at least 65% organic fruit. With natural fruit sweetness and real fruit taste, replacing sugar. Made without preservatives or colorants, only puree and concentrated fruit (lemons and grapes)

Ingredients per 100g: Mirabelles* 65g, fruit sugars syrup*, lemon concentrate, fruit pectin, micronised algae*.

* Organically Grown.

Organic, No Added Sugar, Vegan, Vegetarian

OriginImported Product
PackagingJar 280g
Dietary needSugar free
CatergoriesPreserves Jams - Marmelades