Dukan Salty Oat Pretzels 100g | Sugar Free High Fiber Healthy Snack | Dukan

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New and tastier shape !

Dukan has developed a healthy alternative to salty snacking for all food-lovers: salty crackers with a good taste of bretzels, crispy and satisfying thanks to PUR OAT BRAN. They are rich in fibre, a source of protein, without white flour and reduced in salt compared to classic pretzels.

Eat them when you like! They’re like Bretzels, but contain more than 90% of oat bran!

Oat bran is the hull of the oat kernel, rich in fibre called beta glucans.

Oat bran has 3 proprieties:

- it absorbs: it swells in the stomach and produces a sensation of satiety

- a viscosity that helps it to slow the absorption of sugar after meals**.

- and helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels***.

**Beneficial effect obtained from the intake of beta glucans from oat bran during a meal. *** Pour a total intake of 3 g/ day of beta glucans.

Tolerated quantities per day with the Dukan® Method:

Classic Dukan diet

- Attack phase: 0

- Cruise phase: 25g

- Consolidation phase: 50g

- Stabilization phase: libre

**As part of a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional staircase

- Monday and Tuesday: 0

- Rest of the week: 25g

Ingrédients: Oat bran (91%) (gluten), sesame seeds (2.5%), poppy seeds (2.4%), salt (1.6%), sunflower oil, wheat malt (gluten), yeast, acidity regulator: sodium hydroxide. 

So that these crackers remain crispy, keep them away from damp, light and heat.

Best used before the date indicated on the top of the packaging.

Method of storage

So that these crackers remain crispy, keep them away from damp, light and heat. 

Nutritional values

Average analysis

Per 100 g

Energy value

1 658 kJ

396 kcal


including saturated fats

12 g

2.7 g


including sugars

51 g

1.8 g


15 g


14 g


2 g

OriginImported Product
Dietary NeedSugar free
PackagingBag 100g