Mushroom Extract Turkey Tail (8:1) 50g | Organic Vegan Macrobiotics | GreenBay

Code: G09100000003763
Barcode: 52140000630593
Latin name: Trametes versicolor
Greenbay’s mushroom extracts - as opposed to simple powders - come exclusively from the fruiting mushroom body. The hot water extraction method ensures the high content of the extract in polysaccharides (30%), as well as beta glucans, proteogycans, etc. with health benefits. Turkey Tail extract can be added to recipes, and is particularly suited to beverages or can be blended with water, tea, smoothies, vegetable milk. Its nutritional properties are not damaged at high temperature.
Ingredients: Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder.
OriginImported Product
TypeTurkey Tail