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Organic Reishi mushroom powder. The Reishi mushroom is edible and is a nutrient bank with excellent benefits for the body and the immune system. Helps Correct imbalances in the body and restore homeostasis (balance). Frequent consumption of Reishi is thought to contribute to disease prevention and strengthening of all systems. Royalty would utilize this precious mushroom in the hopes of obtaining immortality and promoting calmness and thought. Chinese medicine now includes therapy with reishi for fatigue, asthma, insomnia, and cough. Ganoderma lucidum has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 4,000 years to treat liver disorders, high blood pressure, arthritis, and other ailments. Reishi's major benefit appears to be its immunomodulating action, improvement of liver function, and improvement and restoration of the normal functions of the respiratory system. It has also antioxidant effects, which contribute to the overall well-being of patients.
Usage: Enjoy reishi mushroom powder with your favourite juices, smoothies, vegetable drinks, tea, soups, salads and dressings.
Ingredients: Organic reishi mushroom powder.
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