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Organic, raw and unprocessed cacao beans. Pure cacao beans are an excellent source of nutritious antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can boost your energy levels and may help to keep your immune system functioning at an optimal level. They are about the size of an almond and the taste is rich, creamy and full of cacao's complex flavor notes that range from berry to coffee. Cocoa beans are a  great variety grown in Peru. Enjoy them in pastry or cooking.
Usage: Cacao Beans have a strong dark bitter chocolate flavour. You can eat them whole - plain or dipped into raw honey. They can be ground into a rich dark powder using a coffee grinder to make raw desserts of all kinds. Blend them into your favourite smoothies or and them to a snack mix.
Ingredients: Raw & Organically Grown Cocoa Beans 100% Criollo.
OriginImported Product
CatergoriesDried Nut - Fruit - Grains
PackagingBag 250g