Porcini Mushroom Powder 25g | From Dried Wild Handpicked Porcinis of the Greek Forests | Mushrooms Hellas

Porcini Mushroom Powder from Dried Wild Porcinis foraged in the Forests of Northern Greece. Finely Powdered. Perfect for Risotto, Pizza, Pasta Sauce, Omelets, Soups, Stews. No Preservatives. No Additives. Gluten Free. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

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Ingredients: Dried Porcini Mushrooms in Powder
The Dried Wild Porcini Mushroom Powder by Mushrooms Hellas is characterized by intense woodsy aromas and a nutty, earthy taste. It adds depth and complexity to recipes and can highlight any dish you serve: from quick snacks to indulgent pastas.
HIGH QUALITY GREEK PORCINI MUSHROOMS Foraged by our experienced team of foragers in the beautiful woods of Northern Greece, away from industrial sites and highways. We select the best porcini mushrooms in terms of maturity and size. We collect mushrooms that have thick and white flesh and are firm, undamaged and totally free of spots or holes.
A NATURAL SEASONING Our porcinis are carefully dried in low temperatures and finely powdered to retain all their natural aroma and taste as well as their health benefits. No preservatives, no additives.  
CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE There is no need to pre-soak or pre-cook before use. Just sprinkle it like a seasoning or condiment. A teaspoonful is enough for a 4 servings risotto. A special gift idea for mushroom lovers.
PERFECT FOR A VEGETARIAN DIET Loaded with iron, dietary fiber, antioxidants and high in protein, our dried porcini powder gives extra flavour to many vegan and vegetarian dishes.
Serving Tips
The earthy, woodsy flavor of our wild porcini powder works well in a wide array of dishes.
  • In omelets and scrambled eggs
  • In pasta, risotto and gratins
  • In soups and stews
  • In creamy sauces
  • In pizza, soufflés and quiche
  • In mashed potatoes
  • In meat marinades
  • In muffins and bread
Dehydrated product. Keep in a cool and dry place.
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PackagingCarton Box 25g

Perfect on scrambled eggs, in soups and sauces, in mashed potatoes and meat marinades, in pasta, risotto and gratins.