Beet Syrup 450g |Organic Vegan Natural Substitute for Sugar | Bauckhof

Beet Syrup from Certified Organic and Bio-Dynamic Farming. All-Purpose Sweetener and Great Substitute For Sugar. Vegan, Vegetarian, No Added Sugar. Bauckhof

Code: G09100000003431
Barcode: 4015637843018

Beet syrup from certified organic and bio-dynamic farming (Demeter). All-purpose sweetener and a great substitute for sugar. Excellent as a spread on bread, to sweeten yogurts and desserts, for baking. Contains 18mg iron per 100gr.

Ingredients: Beet syrup. Bio-dynamic farming (Demeter).

Average Nutritional Values/100gr: energy 1287kJ/304kcal, fat 0.3g -of which saturated <0.03g, carbohydrates 70g -of which sugars 67g, protein 2g, salt <0.2g, iron 18mg (129% DTA *), magnesium 90mg (24% DTA *) * dietary reference values.

Organic, No Added Sugar, Vegan, Vegetarian

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