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Organic Japanese Umami Paste with Chilli. Traditionally Fermented with Soya Sauce and Koji.

Clearpsring authentic Japanese umami paste can be added to unlimited recipes to lift and bring out the ingredients' full flavours. Traditionally made by adding a Koji cultureto rice and leaving it to naturally ferment, it is then mixed with soya sauce and fresh ginger to create this incredibly moreish and versatile condiment.

No added sugar - High in Protein - Fat Free- Vegan

Umami - the fifth human taste...

Savoury, earthy, mushroomy - none of them quite fit the bill when trying to describe the ever illusive umami taste. The 5th taste "Umami" discovered in 1908 by the Japanese scientist Dr. Kikunae Ikeda, who was sitting down to a dish of simmered tofu when it occurred to him that there was a taste there that could not be classified as any of the four known tastes: sweet, salty, bitter or sour; it was a fifth taste, which he later dubbed umami. So he set to work finding out what this taste was. His research led to the identification of the amino acid glutamate, which kombu contains in abundance, as one of the main umami substances. A part of everyday vocabulary in Japan for years, where the word itself means ‘deliciousness'.

Ingredients : soya sauce* (47%) (water, soya beans*, wheat*, sea salt), cultured rice* (28%) (rice*, koji [0.001%]), water, chilli pepper* (0.7%). *organically grown.

Organic, No Added Sugar, Low Fat, High Protein, Vegan, Vegetarian, Macrobiotics

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