Royal Quinoa Seeds BIO 500g - Quinua Real

Code: G09100000003071
Barcode: 8437012461093
The Royal Quinοa is a top quality variety which comes from Bolivia and is only produced in the surroundings of the salt marsh of Uyuni and Coipasa, 3.600 m. high over the sea level. Basic diet of the Incas civilization which stands over the centuries for its high nutritional value. Rich in fiber, proteins and amino acids. Approaching the nutritional value of red meat with much lower levels of fat. It also contains potassium, iron, zinc and several B vitamins. It does not contain gluten so it is easy to digest. Suitable also for vegans. 
Quinua Real® guarantees and offers products, fair trade, organic farming, non-genetically modified, with high nutritional value through a rigorous screening of components.
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OriginImported Product
PackagingCarton box
CatergoriesDried Nut - Fruit - Grains

A delicate flavor combined with countless ingredients in main dishes, soups and salads and substitutes rice or cereal in similar recipes.