Raw Cacao Powder Criollo 250g - GreenBay

Code: G09100000003058
Barcode: 5214000051046
Greenbay’s Cocoa powder is produced from Organic Criollo Cocoa Beans 100%, grown in Satipo, Peru. Criollo Cocoa, is a premium variety and only 5% of world production of cocoa falls in this category. The cocoa nibs are raw, cold-pressed, cold-ground, fine-milled and sifted. The cocoa powder obtained by this process, is a product with all the minerals, enzymes and nutrients still intact.
Rich in magnesium and iron.

Organically Grown Cocoa (Criollo variety). Country of origin: Peru.
OriginImported Product
Dietary NeedSugar free
PackagingCarton box 250g
CatergoriesSweets - Confectionery

Add cacao powder to your favorite smoothie, yogurt and drinks to create healthy chocolate treats. Use it in beverages with milk or sweets and homemade chocolate.