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Goji berries (Lycium barbarum) are the most nutritionally dense fruit on Earth. They are a member of the nightshade family (Solonaceae). Αlthough they have only been introduced in Western countries in recent years, gojis have been used for thousands of years in Tibet and China, both as a culinary ingredient and medicinally.

Unique among fruits because they contain all essential amino acids, goji berries also have the highest concentration of protein of any fruit. They are also loaded with vitamin C, contain more carotenoids than any other food, have twenty-one trace minerals, and are high in fiber. Boasting 15 times the amount of iron found in spinach, as well as calcium, zinc, selenium and many other important trace minerals, there is no doubt that the humble goji berry is a nutritional powerhouse.
This amazing little superfruit also contains natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds. Their powerful antioxidant properties and polysaccharides help to boost the immune system. It’s no wonder then, that in traditional Chinese medicine they are renowned for increasing strength and longevity.

Green Bay's Goji Berries have an excellent quality, without any artificial coloring  and are carefully selected to maintain the ratio of 270-350 fruits per 50 gr. They have sweet flavor and a natural soft texture.
TypeGoji Berry
CatergoriesDried Nut - Fruit - Grains

Enjoy Goji berries as a healthy, nutritious snack or add them to cereal, yogurt, smoothies, desserts, salads and soups.