Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml - Stalia

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Our trees are cultivated using non-invasive, certified methods.

Their fruit was harvested early and hand-picked in the traditional way from 20 October to 10 November.
It was pressed less than 12 hours after the harvest. Immediately afterwards, the juice (olive oil) was filtered and stored in stainless steel containers in fully controlled conditions, in order to allow it to maintain its rich flavor and its exceptional organoleptic properties.
It is bottled according to the highest standards in a glass bottle that is externally painted, in order to protect the olive oil from light and oxidization. It can remain unaltered in that bottle for a long time, until you are ready to enjoy it. This ensures the oil will maintain its fruity and spicy high notes, as well as its balanced bitter middle notes.
It will set your imagination in motion and inspire you to create exceptional recipes with unexpected flavors.

Cold press (up to 24 oC)
Painted glass bottle
PackagingGlass bottle 500ml
Olive VarietyKoroneiki
TypeExtra Virgin

It is an olive oil of the highest quality with an exceptionally balanced and intensely fruity, fresh flavor. It has a high nutritional value, and can be used to bring out the flavor of all Greek and Mediterranean dishes, as well as of any other gourmet dish. It is ideally combined with fresh green salads, boiled greens and vegetables, fish, red or white meat, etc.

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Box Packaging: 9 bottles