Bulgur 500g - Agrozimi

Code: G09100000001715
Barcode: 5200391402024

Noah’s ark of flavor. A staple in the pantry of every Mediterranean and Middle Eastern home, bulgur has been a much-valued ingredient in the region for centuries, its versatility welcoming a smorgasbord of culinary variations. Bulgur is cracked and parboiled
wheat that provides a highly nutritious food and an excellent springboard for a wide range of cooking endeavors.
Agrozimi bulgur can make for a full-fledged meal, accompany meats and fishes, substitute rice for greater flavor intensity, become
a refreshing parsley or kale tabbouleh salad, or turn into scrumptious sweet or savory pancakes. An effortless, upto-the minute solution for quick, delicious and nutritious dishes.

Boiling time: 6 minutes
Ingredients: Durum wheat boiled, husked, grounded.

PackagingBag 500g
CatergoriesCereals - Bulgur

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