Kosteas Limoncello Liqueur 500ml | Greek Liqueur | Kosteas Distillery

Kosteas Limoncello Likeraki 17%alc., Refreshing Liqueur, with Strong Aromas of Blooming Lemons and Citrus Fruits, Sweet and Sour Taste, Delicious Aperitif or Digestive Liqueur, Greek Liqueur - Kosteas Distillery

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Barcode: 5200115120920

Likeraki Limoncello | Limoncello Liqueur

500ml / 17% alc. Vol

Likeraki Limoncello is the ultimate Italian liqueur and the tastiest aperitif or digestive liqueur after your meal. It has a bright, yellow color with a strong aroma of blooming lemons and citrus fruits. Serve with grated ice, in a lowball glass, allowing its refreshing aromas and sweet & sour taste to reach the ultimate enjoyment and gratification.

Since 1962, the Kosteas family has been following a tradition of many decades, by producing exceptional Greek beverages, according to the preferences and demands of the Greek consumer, with superior quality and, of course, taste.

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PackagingGlass Bottle 500ml
Alcoholic StrengthLess than 20%