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35N Tsikoudia Moscato 38%alc., Aromatic, Fine, Gracious and Smooth, with a Lasting, Enduring Aftertaste, from the Cretan Grape Variety Moschato Spinas , Artisanal Discontinuous Distillation with Fractional Copper Alembics, Rethymno - 35N Cretan Distiller

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35N Tsikoudia Moscato

35N is more than a name

35N stands for a small spot on our planet’s 35N parallel, the location of an ancient island with a history of 5.000 years whose residents have always been living and acting with heart and soul. This island is Crete. The name of the distillate is Tsikoudia.


The grape variety Moschato Spinas grows in the mountains of Crete. With its dynamic and aromatic character full of surprises, it gave us a fine distillate, gracious and smooth, with a lasting, enduring aftertaste. It is produced in artisanal discontinuous distillation with fractional copper alembics in Rethymno.

Preferably served at 12°C to be enjoyed, after letting it rest in your glass for a few minutes, always in company, never alone.

38% alcohol in serially numbered, clear bottles


The Cretan Tsikoudia, humble from its very beginnings, was traditionally produced from ancient Cretan varieties’ grape remnants. It was used as medication, but also to welcome guests, begin a meal, a celebration or a friendly chat.

It also marked the end to an exhausting day, to a meal and a feast. You will find it in all Cretan homes, even those far away from the island, and it claims a single, unique rule:

Always drink it in company, never alone.

The Team

The Tsikoudia 35N has its origins in the spirit of real companionship. It is the outcome of a close friendship which in 2020 lasts for more than 30 years. In this get-together, George Markoulakis and Pantelis Fanourgakis decided to support Ilias Melissourgos in making his dream come true. This dream was to produce the best Tsikoudia, the one deserving its history and its origins. A Tsikoudia, of which they, too, would be proud to offer and drink.

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PackagingGlass bottle 500ml
Alcoholic Strength35% - 40%
CatergoriesBeverages - Liqueurs