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Glinavos Pyrros Tsipouro from Epirus Without Anise 40%alc., Greek Spirit, Transparent and Crystal, Fine, Velvety Aroma and Taste, Balanced Flavour with a Pleasant Aromatic Finish, Smooth Aftertaste, Double Distillation - Domaine Glinavos

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Barcode: 5202797000941

Tsipouro Pyrros

Traditional marc distillate

The Tsipouro “PYRROS” undergoes a double distillation and is produced from the grape marc of the white local variety Debina, the Greek variety Roditis and others, at the distillery of our winery, operating since 2004.

The fermentation of the de-stemmed grape marc is done in such a way as to maintain the primary characteristic aromas of the grape varieties. The distillation is carried out in ideal conditions, resulting in a spirit with subtle aromas and velvety taste.

Colour, Aroma, Taste

Colour: Transparent and crystal.

Nose: All of the characteristic delicate aromas of varieties emerge from the very first moment.

Mouth: Balanced flavor with a pleasant aromatic finish. Due to the double distillation, it is characterized by a particularly smooth aftertaste.


DISTILLATION : The grape marc is fermented for one month and its sugars turn to alcohol. The mix is distilled in suitable pot stills. The head and tail of the fruit are removed and only the heart is collected giving a clean distillate with a fine, velvety aroma and taste.


BOTTLED : IN BOTTLES OF 50ml, 200ml, 700ml

SERVED: On its own, cool, in small glasses for tsipouro.

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PackagingGlass bottle 700ml
Alcoholic Strength40% - 45%
CatergoriesBeverages - Liqueurs