Tsipouro Alexandrino | Without Anise Organic Double Distilled 700ml | Limnos Organic Wines

Tsipouro Alexandrino 40% alc., Without Anise, Organic, Double Distilled, Crystal and Strongly Aromatic, with a Smooth Taste, Muscat of Alexandria - Limnos Organic Wines

Code: G09100000007760
Barcode: 5200113486301


Double Distilled - No anise

A rare grape skin from Muscat of Alexandria grapes that thrives in the volcanic soils of Lemnos. Crystal and strongly aromatic, with a smooth taste is considered to be both an excellent accompaniment to snacks and finger foods, and also an excellent base for coctails. A unique trip to the flavors and aromas of the Limnian land.

No anise, 200ml, 40% vol

Producer - Limnos Organic Wines - I. Savvoglou - P. Tsivolas

Brand name: La Terra Grand Cru

Country/region: Greece, Limnos Island

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PackagingGlass bottle 700ml
Alcoholic Strength40% - 45%
CatergoriesBeverages - Liqueurs