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Organic Spearmint Green Tea, Blend of Green Tea, Spearmint, Natural Spearmint Flavor - Kusmi Tea

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Organic Spearmint Green Ice Tea

Fancy some traveling? Organic Spearmint Green Tea from Kusmi sets the scene and takes you to Morocco with every sip!

Following traditional methods, pour simmering water into the cup, raising your arm higher and higher as you do. The aromas of organic Spearmint Green Tea should already have taken you to some far-flung land – and yet you haven’t moved. If you concentrate, you can hear the rustling of palm leaves and the gurgling of water fountains while the sand dunes sparkle in the distance. Quite the adventure! The refreshing excitement of mint is accompanied by little balls of bold, powerful Gunpowder green tea.

Did you know? Organic Spearmint Green Tea from Kusmi is even more exquisite when enjoyed with a fresh, sweet date.

Enjoy your trip to Morocco, or any of its neighboring countries! And don’t forget to try the iced version for a delicious splash of cold in the middle of summer.

Organic tea available in loose leaf (because it’s also good for the planet) or in teabags for when you’re on the go.


To sip your iced Spearmint Green tea, nothing could be easier with our special carafe tea bag format!

Find a spot on the terrace and get into summer mode. Fill up your small pitcher with 2.5 cups (60cl) of simmering water (90°C or 195°F) and dip your special format tea bag. Sit back and relax for about 7 minutes while the blend infuses, and add a lot of ice. All set, now it’s time to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy


Fill a carafe with simmering water.

Immerse the tea bag of your choice. Relax and let the blend brew.

Add a lot of ice cubes.

It’s ready! Taste and enjoy!

INGREDIENTS : Green tea*, spearmint leaves* (5%), natural spearmint flavor. *Organically grown ingredients


UseWellness,Antioxidant,Slimming & Cellulite
PackagingMuslin bags
CatergoriesHerbal Teas & Coffee