Stilovatis Aoton | PGI Attiki Dry White Wine Savatiano Roditis (2019) 750ml | Aoton Winery

Savatiano Aoton 14.5%alc., Still, Dry, White Wine, Savatiano, Roditis , PGI Attiki - Aoton Winery

Code: G09100000007157
Barcode: 5200115950244

Aoton | Stilovatis 2019

Type : Dry White Wine

Grape Variety : Savatiano 87% Roditis 13%

Region : Peania - Attica - Central Greece.

Classification : P.G.I. - Protected Geographical Indication “Attiki”.

Vineyard : From our organic vineyards of 1,65 hectares at Gonetses-Markopoulo and Gropeza-Peania.

Soil : Mostly clayey sand (SC), Slightly alkaline.

Climate : Temperate mediterranean with hot, dry summers and mild winters.

Year of planting : 1995 (Gonetses - Savatiano) and 1996 (Gropeza - Roditis).

Planting density : 333 vines per hectare with a distance of 2.5m x 1.2m.

Configuration : Short vine trunks adapted to classic linear installation with posts, in a double cordon - Royat type spur pruning of 6 spurs (three for each cordon), applying fruiting pruning of 12 buds (two for each spur).

Grape Yield : 530 kg per hectare (1.59 kg per vine).

Harvest : 2019 - Night harvest by hand picking of the grapes, during the 2nd week of September.

Vinification : The grapes, after the end of the night harvest and before sunrise, are carried to our winery in small lattices, maintaining their freshness and the low temperature of the night. This is followed by their separation from the stems, as they are concentrated in the stainless steel tanks for skin contact. They stay there, with the help of refrigeration, for approximately 10 days, in order to start the alcoholic fermentation, by the indigenous - wild

yeasts that are found on the fruit and in the vineyard. During this period, every 24 hours, 10% of the fermented grape must is collected from the bottom of the tank, as it is transferred to the fermentation tank, in order to separate from the grapes, while 10% of the fresh harvested grapes fill again the tank from the top. After the end of the fermentation, the fresh wine remains for 10 months with the fine lees, applying the "batonnage" method.

Bottled : 2nd week of August in our winery.

Closure : Cork - DIAM 5 TRADITION 44x24,2 P015 SBM

Production : 5.290 bottles 0,75L.

Alcohol : 14,5 % by vol

Residual Sugar : 2,9 g/L

Total Acidity : 5,9 g/L (tartaric acid)

pH : 3,68

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