Bruxo X Espadin Barril Joven Mezcal 700ml | Mexican Mezcal | Bruxo

Bruxo X Espadin Barril Joven Mezcal 40%alc., Fruity Aroma with a Floral Character and Notes of Citrus, Peanut and Jicama, Flavours of Citrus Peel, Dry Chamomile, Light Mineral Notes and a Hint of Honey, Mexican Mezcal - Bruxo

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Bruxo X Espadin-Barril Joven Mezcal 700ml

This handcrafted Joven mezcal was made from an ensemble of Espadin and Barril Agave using traditional production methods.

The agave is slow-cooked in an earthen pit and crushed with a tahona, before it's left to ferment naturally.

Bruxo* X was distilled twice through copper pot stills and bottled at 40% ABV.

*This means ‘wizard’ in English, as this is a magical mezcal...

Agave: Espadin and Barril.

Maturity: Espadin 6 to 7 Years, Barril 10 to 12 Years.


Color: Bright mezcal, polished pearl shine.

Nose: Citrus notes, fruity, character floral peanut and jicama.

Taste: Citrus peel, blend of florality, dry chamomile, light mineral notes light honey flavor.

Country: Mexico

Distillery / Brand: Bruxo

Bottler: Bruxo

Style: Joven Mezcal

Alcohol: 40%

Volume: 700ml

We never thought a trip to the Oaxaca Sierra would change our lives forever. We set ourselves the goal to honor the honor and tradition of mezcal and sharing its magic with the world.

That´s how Bruxo was born, as a:

Honor to the magic of mezcal, the link between what´s earth bound and what´s sacred.

Honor to the mysticism of the legends we have found and those we´re already a part of.

Honor to those who live up in the mountains but know and share their ancestral heritage with the rest of the world.

Honor to those of us who in the city, are able to transform any given moment into an eternal memory.

Honor to the true Elixires, unique mezcales, more special than any other in the world.

AgeNo Age Statement.
Alcoholic Strength40% - 45%
PackagingGlass Bottle 700ml