Old Lady London Dry Gin 700ml | French Gin | Old Lady

Old Lady London Dry Gin 37.5%alc., Aromatic Finesse of Juniper with a Natural Blend of Coriander, Angelica Root, Florence Root Skin and Currant and Juniper Berries, French Gin - Old Lady

Code: G09100000007074

Old Lady London Dry Gin 700ml

14 herbs for a delicious Gin and tonic!

Old Lady is a London Dry Gin which contains 14 different herbs including rosehip, rose and Sichuan pepper.

These herbs add to the flavor of the gin, floral and spicy elements which makes it unique and all at an incredible price for its taste and quality.

A unique bottle made by an authentic tattoo artist inspired by the rebel world of female pirates and ships that tore the seas in the 18th century.

Country: France

Style: London Dry Gin

Alcohol: 37.5%

Volume: 700ml

ProducerOld Lady
TypeWorld Gin
Alcoholic Strength35% - 40%
PackagingGlass Bottle 700ml