Gancia Asti DOCG | Sweet Sparkling White Wine Moscato 750ml | Gancia

Gancia Asti DOCG 7.5%alc., Sweet, Sparkling, Italian White Wine, Moscato Bianco di Canelli, Asti DOCG - Gancia

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Gancia Asti DOCG - Sweet Sparkling White Wine


Visual test : Golden yellow color and fine and persistent perlage.

Olfactory test : The aroma is aromatic, with hints of exotic fruit, sage and honey.

Taste test : Sweet, fruity, very balanced taste, reminiscent of the grapes of origin.


Grapes : White Moscato

Vinification : Soft pressing with fractionation of the must in three parts: only the flower is then used for the production of Asti. Subsequently the must is fermented partially up to an actual alcohol content of 5.5 degrees. It is then stored at -2 ° C until foaming.

Sparkling method : Martinotti method which enhances the aromatic characteristics of white Moscato.

Gradation : 7.5 °

Formats : 750ml


Pairing : Perfect to accompany desserts, it can also be used as a sweet aperitif.

Serving temperature : 8-10 ° C

Glass : Cup

Conservation : The ideal cellar for storing wine must have a temperature between 11-15 ° C, there should be no temperature changes. Avoid storing other foods with intense and penetrating flavors and aromas.

Grape VarietyMoscato
PackagingGlass Bottle 750ml
Alcoholic Strength7,5%