Gancia Moscato Rose | Sweet Sparkling Wine Moscato 750ml | Gancia

Gancia Moscato Rose 7%alc., Sweet, Sparkling, Italian Wine, Moscato Bianco and Other Aromatic Red Grapes - Gancia

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Gancia Moscato Rose - Sweet, Sparkling Wine


Visual exam : Pink, clear and transparent. Fine and persistent perlage.

Olfactory examination : The scent is intense, fresh and aromatic, with fruity hints of peach, orange and raspberry.

Taste test : The taste is delicately sweet, aromatic and fragrant.


Grapes : Moscato and other aromatic red grapes from the most suitable areas.

Vinification : Soft pressing of Moscato grapes with storage of the must in refrigerated containers at a temperature between -2 ° and 0 °. The must obtained by pressing the red grapes, is instead subjected to a short maceration together with the skins for 24-48 hours. It is then separated from the skins, filtered and stored in steel containers.

Sparkling method : Martinotti method for slow refermentation in large closed containers, at 15-18 ° C.

Gradation : 7% vol.

Formats : 750ml


Pairing: Perfect to accompany desserts and fresh fruit.

Serving temperature : 8-10 ° C

Glass : Flute

Storage : The ideal cellar for storing wine must have a temperature between 11-15 ° C, there must be no temperature changes.

Grape VarietyMoscato
PackagingGlass Bottle 750ml
Alcoholic Strength7%