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Hayman’s London Dry Gin 41.2%alc., Fresh Crisp Elegant Gin, with Refreshing Notes from Juniper, Subtle Exotic Spice and A Citrus Finish, Distilled with Ten botanicals Steeped in the Pot Still - Hayman’s

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Hayman’s London Dry Gin 700ml | Hayman

Our bright and refreshing 41.2% ABV London Dry Gin is a gin lover’s gin. Unlike other London Dry Gins available today, we still craft our award-winning gin over 2 days, staying absolutely true to our family’s heritage.

The result of this artisan method is a fresh crisp elegant gin with refreshing notes from juniper, subtle exotic spice and a lively citrus finish.


Hayman’s London Dry is the perfect partner for tonic. We believe that a Gin and Tonic should always be balanced in measure to ensure that the gin flavours shine through.

We recommend one-part gin to two-parts tonic. Make, serve and drink in one of our stylish G&T glasses based on an art deco design from the 1920s. Garnish with lemon or any other citrus fruit.

About Hayman’s

The very essence of Hayman’s is that we still make our gin today using the same family recipes developed over 150 years ago. Using only the finest botanicals available combined with the two-day gin making process, our botanicals are infused in English wheat spirit for an entire day allowing the full natural flavours to shine through.

The Hayman’s copper pot stills perform an essential role in our gin distilling process – allowing heat to be dispersed evenly and efficiently while stripping out any unwanted flavours and aromas. These stills are at the very heart of what we do – in creating the bright and balanced, smooth flavour of our gins.

An English Grden

50ml Hayman’s London Dry Gin

35ml Apple Juice

20ml Lemon juice

15ml Elderflower Cordial

2-3 slices of cucumber

Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake vigorously.

Double strain and serve in a tall highball or rocks glass.

Garnish with your favourite citrus wheel.

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TypeLondon Gin
Alcoholic Strength40% - 45%
PackagingGlass Bottle 700ml