Clement Select Barrel Rum Miniature 50ml | French Caribbean Rum | Habitation Clement

Clement Select Barrel 40%alc., Rum Agricole Des Antilles Francaises, a Particulary Smooth Rhum Agricole with Balanced Sweetness and Aromatic Character, and with a Complement of Spice Aromas and Gentle Vanilla, Martinique - Habitation Clement

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Select Barrel is aged in particular oak barrels selected for their rich natural sweetness and intense aromatic qualities under the watchful eyes of our cellar master at Habitation Clément. The imaginative alchemy with this contemporary approach to selected oak results in a magnificent aged Rhum Agricole with well-balanced sweetness.


Clément Select Barrel is characterized by its soft vanilla notes and remarkable smooth finish

Developed at Habitation Clément in Martinique, Clement Select Barrel is a contemporary style of Rhum Agricole crafted with a unique blend of rhums matured in selected oak barrels with a particularly heavy toasting selected by our cellar master. Clement Barrel Select is characterized by its soft, rounded approach on the palate with a compliment of spice box aromas and gentle vanilla bean on the finish. It is best served in a Ti' Punch or other classic and contemporary cocktails.

Suggested cocktail

Amber 'Ti Punch

1 ½ oz. Clément Select Barrel

1 bar spoon Sirop de Canne

1 lime disc (silver dollar-size twist cut off the edge of a lime to capture a little pulp and zest)

Squeeze the lime to extract as much lime oil and juice as possible. Add the Sirop de Canne and Première Canne. Add ice, or don’t add ice… as you like in tradition of our Martinique ritual. Swizzle with a bois lélé or a bar spoon

Optional: Add an Ice Cube

Alcoholic Strength40% - 45%
PackagingGlass Bottle 50ml