Clement Canne Bleue Rum Miniature 50ml | French Caribbean Rum | Habitation Clement

Canne Bleue 50%alc., an Intense White Rum, Aromas and Flavors of Fresh Meringue, Powdered Sugar, Cucumber and Cane Stalk with Fruity, Peppery, Sweet Creamy Notes, Rum Blanc Agricole, Appellation Martinique Controlee - Habitation Clement

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Crafted from the intensely aromatic juice of one varietal sugarcane, Canne Bleue is an exceptional white rhum produced from only blue sugarcane. Clément Canne Bleue rests for just over six months in a stainless steel vat and is slowly reduced over time with distilled volcanic spring water creating a remarkable well-integrated full-bodied white Rhum Agricole, loaded with character and flavor unlike any other rum in the world.


Bright aromas and flavors of fresh meringue, powdered sugar, cucumber and cane stalk with a supple, fruity-yet-dry medium-full body and a long, tingling pepper, sweet cream, talc, and wet stone accented finish

'Ti Punch

1 ½ oz. Clément Canne Rhum Bleue

1 bar spoon Sirop de Canne

1 lime disc (silver dollar-size twist cut off the edge of a lime to capture a little pulp and zest)

Squeeze the lime to extract as much lime oil and juice as possible. Add the Sirop de Canne and Première Canne. Add ice, or don’t add ice… as you like in tradition of our Martinique ritual. Swizzle with a bois lélé or a bar spoon

Alcoholic StrengthMore than 50%
PackagingGlass Bottle 50ml