Cretan Honey from Wild Herbs and White Thyme Squeeze 500g | Natural Greek Unheated | Meligyris

Cretan Honey from Wild Herbs and White Thyme, Natural, Greek, Raw, Unfiltered, Unpasteurised, Speciality Wild Thyme Honey from Crete, Easy to Use, Convenient and Lightweight Squeeze Bottle Packaging With Mess-Free Closure - Meligyris

Code: G09100000005891

Origin : This honey comes from white thyme, a rare type of thyme with white flowers that grows only on the Cretan mountains at an altitude of 1500 meters.

Harvest Time : August

Characteristics : The low atmospheric humidity and the warm and dry climatic conditions of the specific region give a unique aroma and a thick texture to this type of honey.

Nutritional Value : Rich in micronutrients and vitamins.

Serving Tips : It’s excellent flavor pairs well with yoghurt, walnuts, buttered toast, Feta and goats’ cheese.

TypeWhite thyme,Wildflower
PackagingSqueeze 500g

It is delicious for spreading on toasted bread, crepes and pancakes or as a topping on yoghurt and ice cream.